No, Women’s Colleges Should Not Reinvent Themselves As Havens For Trans Women

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Recently an article was published in The Guardian’s “comment is free” section titled “Women’s College’s Should Reinvent Themselves As Havens For Trans Women”, in this post I will respond to the claims and arguments that exist within the original post and discuss why it angered me to the point of writing this post.

The very first paragraph ends with the statement “But that’s not enough. Women’s colleges should prioritize our applications – and seek to become havens for trans women, both for our benefit and theirs.” In response to this I would ask, how does it benefit Women? How does letting males, the people women’s colleges are built to enable women to function and live away from the ever oppressing eye of, benefit women? When we look at statistics and evidence we can see that the rates of violence and sexual violence / harassment committed by transwomen is not at a lesser level than that of men, whilst I am not suggesting you are a violent person I would state sweeping acceptance of males (transwomen are male and that’s OKAY) who say they’re women on the inside opens up the women who attend these colleges to an unnecessary risk. I would go as far as to say to do such we would be, and as you mention are, putting the lives and safety of women under that of the desires of males, and that is just a reflection of the privilege bestowed on us as males.

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An Open Letter to Smith College About Transwomen

Dear Smith College Board of Trustees and President McCartney,

I am writing this open letter to express my strong and continuing support for Smith College’s female-only admissions policy. As a proud Smithie (’00), an attorney, and a vocal feminist, I have thought long and hard about the issues raised by the campaign for transwomen’s inclusion at Smith on the basis of their “gender identities.”

Ultimately, a theoretical deconstruction of the social category “woman” such that anyone and everyone can identify as a “woman” does not reflect the historical purpose of Smith College or the needs of its students.

Being a woman is not a spiritual or metaphysical experience. It is not a feeling and it is not a performative utterance. Being a woman is a lived experience with material consequences. Smith’s admission policy must reflect some clear limitations on male gender identification, lest the social category “woman” become entirely meaningless.

The slogans “transwomen are women” and “transwomen belong here” sound righteous at first, but on deeper analysis, they are also frustratingly simplistic. The full implications of the proposed policy change must be considered. There is much more at stake than validating identities and proving how open-minded we are.  In this letter, I will attempt to lay out some of the considerations that I believe must be taken into account and propose elements of a reasonable compromise.

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Peak trans x 1,000,000

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[I]n the full version [of the video], you get to see Justin Kilian (the guy trans woman wearing lipstick and yelling in the video) go full cray at 1:30, when he she says that after not being allowed into a private meeting between a Smith student and Smith administrators, “They misgender me. They call me a man. I will not stand for that! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT!”

If this doesn’t serve as peak trans for everyone left in America, I don’t know what will. Frankly, this guy trans woman has zero in common with a woman, no matter how you want to define woman. He’s obviously not female, as you can tell by his body shape, voice, adams apple, etc. But he also doesn’t look, act, or sound remotely “like a woman”, in any possible interpretation of what that means. In fact, he doesn’t look, act or sound anything like what “trans woman” conjurs up in most people’s minds, either! Let’s be real: he looks, acts and sounds very much like an angry men’s rights activist.

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What is a TERF? Or Sex Segregated Spaces: Where and Why

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I originally made this chart as a means of parsing what the ‘E’ in TERF actually means. So I have changed the title to include the term TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist). The central question is: what exactly are transwomen being excluded from (where)? And what is the purpose of that exclusion (why)? The following post is a basic analysis of various spaces from which females might reasonably desire the complete exclusion of male bodied and male socialized people. Alternatively, we might enforce conditions on the inclusion of male bodied or male socialized people. Bathrooms and locker rooms are examples of spaces where conditional inclusion is possible, such as for for fully transitioned transwomen. On the other hand, a private gathering might not make any exceptions for transwomen. It depends! There are many factors to consider. #nuance]

Women’s-only spaces serve a multitude of purposes depending on the context.

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