US conversion therapy laws: Conflating homophobia with helping gender-defiant kids feel whole

Originally posted at 4th Wave Now

One of the many unfortunate consequences of the marriage of transgenderism with the lesbian/gay movement is the wholesale acceptance that “conversion” therapy (also referred to as “reparative” therapy)—rightly condemned as coercive attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation—is equivalent to helping a child or teen feel at home with his or her body.

Why shouldn’t attempts to change “gender identity” be seen as identical to efforts to convince lesbian and gay people to abandon their homosexuality?

Because they are actually polar opposites. Anti-gay conversion therapy tells a healthy human being that they are not ok as they are, in the body they have, with the sexual feelings they have for other humans.  But therapy aimed at helping a young person accept and reconcile with their healthy,  evolution-molded body, as well as their gender nonconformity, actually encourages wholeness and the integration of body and mind.

In an Orwellian twist, the trans activists have hoodwinked the public into believing that these two approaches are one and the same, even though pro-trans “affirmative therapy” leads a young person not only to reject themselves as they are, but to start down a path which can lead to multiple surgeries, lifelong drug injections, and irreversible sterilization—with all the risks and hazards associated with being a permanent medical patient.

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Tumblr snags another girl, but her therapist-mom knows a thing or two about social contagion

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There is an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where the crew is introduced to a mysterious alien video game. It slowly infiltrates the minds of the crew, and Wesley Crusher and another young ensign watch as the adults around them slip into addiction. Wesley begins to sense that something is amiss, and goes to find Captain Picard. He is so relieved to find the Captain and to be able to confide in him. As Wesley leaves, we see the Captain reach into his desk with sinister sangfroid and take out a gaming device. He too has been infected. As we suspected, the game is really an insidious mind-controlling apparatus that will allow an alien race to gain control of the ship.

That is what this trans madness feels like to me. When I first began to hear this emerging in the young people around me, I felt confused. As a dyed-in-the wool liberal, I felt I should be accepting and affirming. As a therapist and long-time student of human nature, it just doesn’t make sense to me that people are “born in wrong body” except for perhaps in extremely rare cases. I believe there are “true” cases of transsexualism, but the number of those affected must be vanishingly small. Why all of a sudden did it seem to be everywhere?

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UK News: 930% Rise In Child Gender Identity Referrals

Originally published at Transgender Trend

Over the past six years there has been a 930% increase in the number of children referred to NHS gender clinics across the UK, including one three-year-old and three four-year-olds since April last year. The BBC report shows that the total number of 94 children referred in 2009-10 has increased to 969 in 2015-16.

The report includes the story of a five-year-old Nottinghamshire boy who has just returned to the classroom ‘as a girl’ with support from the school, which sent out letters to parents and children explaining the change. The reaction of the adults around this case, as reported in the Nottingham Post, provides an insight into the reason why the number of children referred to gender clinics has increased so dramatically over the last six years.

First, Colin Pettigrew, the local council authority’s director for children, families and cultural services, said: “Transgender is a characteristic protected by law and therefore head teachers across England continue to, and are required to, agree a clear plan to support the needs of transgender children and young people.”

‘Transgender’ as a protected category for children means that we have already made up our minds about an identity which over 80% of children will outgrow by adolescence. The most likely outcome for this little boy, if left alone, is that he will grow up to be gay, but there is no protected category of homosexuality for children as this only applies when a child matures and develops a sexual orientation: we can’t predict that a child will be gay or lesbian. We also can’t know if a child will grow up to be transgender, but the likelihood is far far less. Establishing ‘transgender’ as a protected category of childhood presupposes, and reinforces, a fixed opposite-sex heterosexual identity before a gay or lesbian child has had the chance to explore, develop and mature. The only protected characteristic we should insist on for children is ‘childhood.’

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No one will admit it’s gay conversion therapy

Originally posted at Purple Sage

An article from the Toronto Star talks about the controversy surrounding the recent firing of Ken Zucker and the shutting down of Toronto’s Gender Identity Clinic. The issue was that Zucker did not act fast enough to put young children on hormones and prepare them to be lifetime medical patients—his approach was to wait and see how the children will feel when they are older. This is because he knows that many children with gender dysphoria will not grow up to be trans, many will grow up to be gays or lesbians and will be happy with their birth sex. The trans activists are furious that Zucker does not want to transition young children the second they express a desire to be the opposite sex, and believe that by not immediately transitioning children he is practicing “conversion therapy.” Trans activists do not seem to give a shit that they are practicing gay conversion therapy—turning gay and lesbian youth into artificially created members of the opposite sex so they will appear as gender-conforming heterosexuals, when they are still too young to have had a romantic relationship or to develop an identity as gay or lesbian.

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STOP Killing Our Gay Children

Originally posted at Zen Itch

There is a heavily funded global push underway to funnel “gender non-conforming” children into sex change programs. In other words, if a child or juvenile fails to conform (Achtung!) to one of two sex stereotypes, he or she is to be assessed by a gender dysphoria specialized shrink and then treated accordingly. A gender dysphoria specialized shrink is a person who makes a living diagnosing “gender dysphoria”, the more the merrier. Academically pedigreed doctors of any discipline thrive on proliferation of their ideas or theories. As did Dr. John Money (not a joke) who was one of the first in the U.S.A. to advocate for surgically changing men into women at the Johns Hopkins Gender Clinic in 1966. “Ten years later, a follow-up study published by Dr. Jon Meyer, chairman of the Gender Clinic, evaluated 50 transsexuals who had been patients at the Gender Clinic. The report concluded that no improvement was noted in the patients’ psychological functioning as a result of Money’s gender change treatment. The clinic at Hopkins was then closed.”

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Girl transitions to avoid getting periods and being a lesbian

Originally posted at Purple Sage

This is a young girl who didn’t like the female role, was incredibly horrified when she got her first period, and didn’t want to be a lesbian. These are the reasons she gives when asked how she knew she wanted to transition.

She describes being in denial about getting a period, and seems to think periods are really terrible. When she got her period she cried and felt “crushed,” “shocked,” and “hurt.” She says there is no word to describe how awful she felt about her period.

Getting her period was “the beginning of the breaking point.” The rest of her breaking point was her mother, who did not agree with her plans to transition and attempted to support her natural development as a lesbian woman.

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If you care for “trans” kids, fight for freedom from gender, not the scalpel & syringe

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LisaM, first let me acknowledge that you are not arguing in your comment for full medical transition for all “transgender children.” In fact, you say that some kids may just want to “transition” to be “genderqueer.” But really, that is simply a matter of personality. We don’t need to label it with anything to do with “gender,” unless you believe in gender stereotypes. So it’s nonsensical to say such kids would be “transitioning” to anything–they’re just expressing their unique personalities, as well they should.

But apart from that statement on your part, I’ve done enough homework to know that medical transition is indeed the goal and outcome in an increasing number of pediatric cases. Much of my response will be addressing that outcome.

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The surgical suite: Modern-day closet for today’s teen lesbian

Originally posted at 4th Wave Now

Despite the fact that trans activists are diligently trying to lower the age of consent for cross sex hormones and surgeries, as a general rule children under 18 in the US cannot access these “treatments” without parental consent (Oregon being a notable exception). I have argued that even 18 is too young to make such permanent decisions, given that executive function skills are not well developed until the early 20s.

But there is another, equally important reason to question medical transition for adolescent girls. According to several peer-reviewed studies (which I will be discussing in detail in this post),

95-100% of girls who “persist” in gender dysphoria at adolescence are same-sex attracted; these girls are typically offered cross-sex hormones by age 16, and  surgeries as young as 18.

The typical age that a young lesbian has her first sexual experience and/or claims her sexual orientation is between the ages of 19 and the early 20s.

Let those two statements sink in for a moment.

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Do trans-kids stay trans when they grow up?

Originally posted at Sexology Today

Following the closure of the CAMH Gender Identity Clinic for children, I have been receiving requests for what the science says.  Do kids grow out of wanting to change sex, or does it continue when they are adults?

In total, there have been three large scale follow-up studies and a handful of smaller ones. I have listed all of them below, together with their results. (In the table, “cis-” means non-transsexual.) Despite the differences in country, culture, decade, and follow-up length and method, all the studies have come to a remarkably similar conclusion: Only very few trans- kids still want to transition by the time they are adults. Instead, they generally turn out to be regular gay or lesbian folks. The exact number varies by study, but roughly 60–90% of trans- kids turn out no longer to be trans by adulthood.

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The Transgender Experiment on Kids

Originally published at Wales Arts Review

Channel 4’s ‘Born in the Wrong Body’ season of programming has begun, with the first episode, My Transgender Kid, doing its bit to reinforce uncritical mass acceptance of the idea that children have an innate ‘gender identity’ which overrides their biological sex.

The Tavistock and Portman gender clinic has seen referrals increase by 50% every year since 2009, and we are likely to see a continued rise in referrals of children the more publicity is given to ‘brave’ parents on TV and throughout the popular media. On seeking information, worried parents will be directed to ‘gender support’ groups such as Mermaids, who will frighten them further with misleading statistics on suicide rates of young ‘trans’ people. The ‘trans’ label in itself may be covering up underlying psychological or emotional issues which remain undiagnosed by therapists keener to exhibit their social-justice credentials than their clinical judgment. Meanwhile, what remains undisclosed is the fact that hormone treatment and surgery is not effective in bringing these figures down.

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