Owen Jones. Again.

Originally posted at Firewomon

To summarise I contended that it is ridiculous to suggest trans women are biologically female (otherwise, what are they transitioning from/to? Even if you believe that humans can change sex, which I don’t. To put it another way, if you are of the opinion that trans women are biologically female, why do you call them ‘trans’?). I also took issue with Jones’ use of of the descriptor “transphobic” to refer to people who have a different opinion to him on the matter, i.e. those who disagree that trans women are biologically female.

Disingenuously, Jones maintains that it is his support of trans rights which I and other feminists took issue with. That was not my issue, as is clear from my blog. Frustratingly, Jones has repeated the untruth several times on Twitter, yet he has blocked me and I am therefore unable to defend myself.  Jones has now published another piece referencing this.

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