Transphobia AKA the reified manifestation of projected homophobia. And how it unites men.

Originally posted at The Real Thunder Child

The reason the left and right have united under the transgender cause is because they don’t want gender non conforming men in “man club” .

Hence they’ve decided to make it women’s problem and have elegantly framed any opposition as “phobic” because that plays neatly to our socialised internal misogyny , nurturing behaviours and concomitant fear of offending.

In short, they’ve projected their homophobia onto us and renamed it transphobia .

And it’s a very good tactic, very useful.
Brilliant at silencing because should you deny this weak, irrational fear of something, you risk marking yourself as simply a bigot.
Like with many things , denial is proof of guilt.
So even denial is silenced and thusly , silence is also tacit admission of guilt .

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