Analyzing the terms TERF and SWERF

Originally posted at The Fifth Column

Let’s unpack these terms, shall we? Because I see them everywhere now, and mostly in the context of attempting to shut down a conversation and label someone as anti-feminist. But what do they mean? Well, the literal definition of the acronyms is:

  • TERF: Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism/Feminist
  • SWERF: Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminism/Feminist

It’s first important to note that the women who are being called this do not want to be.

That’s an important distinction, not only because these terms have been used as slurs, but because the people using them insist that they be able to self identify gender and/or sex: male/female/nonbinary/etc. Radical feminists have been pointing out this hypocrisy to the liberal feminist community with no avail. The irony has reached a comical level.

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