STOP Killing Our Gay Children

Originally posted at Zen Itch

There is a heavily funded global push underway to funnel “gender non-conforming” children into sex change programs. In other words, if a child or juvenile fails to conform (Achtung!) to one of two sex stereotypes, he or she is to be assessed by a gender dysphoria specialized shrink and then treated accordingly. A gender dysphoria specialized shrink is a person who makes a living diagnosing “gender dysphoria”, the more the merrier. Academically pedigreed doctors of any discipline thrive on proliferation of their ideas or theories. As did Dr. John Money (not a joke) who was one of the first in the U.S.A. to advocate for surgically changing men into women at the Johns Hopkins Gender Clinic in 1966. “Ten years later, a follow-up study published by Dr. Jon Meyer, chairman of the Gender Clinic, evaluated 50 transsexuals who had been patients at the Gender Clinic. The report concluded that no improvement was noted in the patients’ psychological functioning as a result of Money’s gender change treatment. The clinic at Hopkins was then closed.”

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