Why I created the “Drop the T” Petition

Originally posted at LGB Voices

Since my petition was published at Change.org on November 4, and the subsequent interview with The Federalist went up on November 9, much has been written about it and me. Most of it has been inaccurate and incredibly inflammatory, so I am writing here to correct those misperceptions and to add further clarification of my position, one that I have discovered is shared by a great many other people.

First is the fact that by acting anonymously I delegitimize my position, that I am a coward, and that it is actually a conservative plot to divide the LGB community from the T community. I chose to act anonymously, and continue to do so, because I am concerned for my safety and well-being, and the safety and well-being of my family, my friends and my co-workers. The reaction of many pro-Trans activists has, not unexpectedly, been incredibly vitriolic and hateful, with many death threats issued across social media. Some may see my decision to remain anonymous as cowardly; I, for the time being, see it as simply being cautious.

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