A Note from the Turf War Zone: A Response to John Stoltenberg

Originally posted at The Turf War Zone

Dear John,

Your recent enthusiastic Happy New Year’s announcement of “The Conversations Project: The Radical [sic] Inclusivity [sic] of Radical [sic] Feminism [sic]” came as quite a surprise. It was naive, ill-conceived, and irresponsibly executed.

So-called Second Wave feminists, most notably among them Andrea Dworkin, had very urgent and important priorities, as you know, such as ending battery, rape, pornography, prostitution, incest, racism, left-wing and right-wing misogyny, and radically interrogating sexuality, Zionism, and white male control of language and writing.

In “The Conversations Project” glossary, every one of those revolutionary priorities is crushed into two words, the mainstream media-imposed backlash term: “Women’s Lib.” What’s so radical about that, John? That is surely not what I would call, as you said, “preserving the nuance of history and discursive context.” [2]

In fact, the glossary is sadly unnuanced.

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