Missing the intersections: Where queer politics fail

Originally posted at Feminist Current

I had imagined, somewhat naively, that taking my place within the queer community would offer a respite from the everyday fuckery of life under white supremacist patriarchy. It didn’t — at least, not to the extent which I had hoped. The first time I ventured into queer culture I was fortunate enough to attend the Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF) — a legitimately intersectional organization, representing the stories and work of BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic), female, disabled, and working class members of the queer community; every screening complete with subtitles.

Unfortunately, this isn’t representative of my wider experience of queer community.

Lesbians are often treated like the butt of a joke, subject to ageist misogyny and the assumption that our sexual preferences can be made malleable with a dose of queer theory. There are white gay men who, without a trace of irony, will explain how they have experienced more oppression than any other demographic ever. And since so many queer spaces are predominantly white, racism often goes unchecked.

Of late, that racism has shaped an uncomfortable trend among white liberal queers: invoking the histories of slavery and colonialism in order to score points.

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