The Rad Under the Bed

Originally posted at Chel Fems

‘Caitlyn Jenner is still Bruce to me; he’s spent his life benefiting from male privilege and surgery can’t change that’ was a comment a friend made to me last June.  My reaction was pure visceral disgust, this simple statement cut to the core of who I knew I was; a proud bisexual feminist with a passion for promoting LGBT rights.  In my youth I’d carried the rainbow flag during drizzley protests against Trident, I considered myself a strident trans ally. As such, my friend could not have said anything more shocking, I wanted to go home and scrub my skin.  All of my friendship circle were carefully chosen as open-minded, accepting and largely left-wing; I couldn’t reconcile her views with the intelligent, kind and courageous feminist I knew her to be. I met with her about a week later with the intention of talking her round, but instead I found myself questioning my views and researching those of some with the transgender community.  I will always respect pronouns and names that trans people use, but I will not excuse what I now see as the blatant misogyny that runs through much of the dominant transgender ideology, or the silencing of feminists who question it.

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