Nothing Was Ever Enough

Originally posted at Peak Trans Moment

I feel odd submitting this, but maybe might resonate with some people. Like most young women, I started off totally and absolutely accepting trans women. I listened to their plights, learned about their ideologies, and I had one MtF trans friend who was struggling and I was doing my best to help her out ( money wise, tried to find medical help for her, and the list goes on and on. I really went the long mile to help her). She was always upset. Always hysterical (literally. The world was ending for her every day), and always talked about how horrible the oppression was against Trans women. I thought it was terrible for her.

I attended the Trans Marches, I went to support events, and did my best to be educated.

But over time, there were certain things kind of creeping up on me. I would ask my friend if she wanted to go to a lesbian dance club one night, and she would go for 5 minutes then tell me she wanted to leave, thus I would have to leave too to see why she was so upset.  She told me; “Well as you know, ALL lesbians hate trans women. So I don’t feel comfortable there.”

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