Germaine Greer. Pointing out the bleeding obvious.

Originally published at Flavourmag

If you’ve had your head inside a blusher brush since you were ten then you may not be aware that Germaine Greer is a feminist icon. A giantess. She did it all and she did it a long time ago and feminists owe her a ton of stuff. Still with me? Focus. The latest 500 reasons to use skin primer will still be here on Flavourmag when you get back.

Germaine was no-platformed for her “transphobic” views. On Newsnight she was asked whether she thought transgender women were women. She said no. She said it was an opinion. You should see that interview. Watch it below. It is one of the finest examples of someone giving an interview, where they say what they really think about a controversial topic, that you will ever see.

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