A Movement Based in White Supremacy

Originally posted at Gender Apostates

I have been accused of being a token for white feminism.  I have even been labeled, by some, Uncle Tom, Uncle Ruckus; I have been called a “kneegrow sellout” for speaking out against Fallon Fox fighting women and Monica Roberts bullying of women.  Let’s forget that my analysis is based in Black Feminist Thought, and it is inspired by Patricia Hill Collins, bell hooks, Audre Lorde and other black feminists.  Because I don’t give in to trans activists’ attacks on women, I am a “sell out,” a “quisling” and these “evil” women are my “TERF masters.”  Women are accused of being racist for being radical feminists, but who are the real racists?  If you look deep within the trans political movement, then you’ll find that it is a movement based in white supremacy.

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