Something that Cheers me!

Originally posted at Grumpy Old Nurse

So.  Apparently, I’m a TERF.  Because I believe that no amount of hormones, or puberty blockers, or surgery can change a person’s sex.  I also believe that gender is a socially imposed hierarchical structure designed to exploit the labour and sexual resources of the class ‘woman’.  It’s a very conservative notion that is one of the primary methods patriarchy uses to keep women, as a class, at the bottom of the pecking order.  I also believe that people of either sex, and persons with intersex conditions for that matter, can have interests and personality traits that are traditionally labelled ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ and that being outspoken, or liking to play sports doesn’t make one male any more than being meek or liking dolls makes on female.  People are people, and the more we respect everyone’s being without labelling it, the happier I think we’ll all be.

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