The Transgender Experiment on Kids

Originally published at Wales Arts Review

Channel 4’s ‘Born in the Wrong Body’ season of programming has begun, with the first episode, My Transgender Kid, doing its bit to reinforce uncritical mass acceptance of the idea that children have an innate ‘gender identity’ which overrides their biological sex.

The Tavistock and Portman gender clinic has seen referrals increase by 50% every year since 2009, and we are likely to see a continued rise in referrals of children the more publicity is given to ‘brave’ parents on TV and throughout the popular media. On seeking information, worried parents will be directed to ‘gender support’ groups such as Mermaids, who will frighten them further with misleading statistics on suicide rates of young ‘trans’ people. The ‘trans’ label in itself may be covering up underlying psychological or emotional issues which remain undiagnosed by therapists keener to exhibit their social-justice credentials than their clinical judgment. Meanwhile, what remains undisclosed is the fact that hormone treatment and surgery is not effective in bringing these figures down.

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