Men are oppressed by cupcakes and I’m scared for the next generation

Originally published at Purple Sage

The trans movement has brought a lot of misogyny and idiocy to student unions and now even high schools. I just cannot believe what I’m seeing sometimes.

The Auckland University Students’ Association is trying to plan an event called Womensfest at which they want to serve vulva cupcakes. This has caused a huge uproar among people who have bought into trans ideology. Apparently, serving vulva cupcakes creates an unsafe environment for trans women. Reading through the comment threads on this page I have found some comments that are so far removed from reality it is shocking. Serving vulvas at a women’s event has been described as “not respecting the lives of transwomen,” “a slap in the face to intersex people,” and “contributing to violence and discrimination.” One of my favourite sentences is: “This is literally the primary tenet of trans-exterminatory feminism and that branch of feminism has literally killed trans women.”

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