Coming soon to a state near you? Double mastectomy for your 15-year-old, without parental consent

Originally published at 4th Wave Now

“Top surgery”–the removal of both breasts with subsequent “chest reconstruction” –is the holy surgical grail for many females who identify as trans male.

Once strictly a prerogative for adult females in the United States, there is a growing trend for younger “trans teens” to pursue double mastectomy as early as possible. In the United States, the age of medical consent for major medical procedures without parental involvement is typically 18 years, with a few exceptions–notably for “emancipated” or married minors, and for contraception/birth control services, which are generally available to teens at an earlier age. There are also a few states with a lower age of medical majority, Oregon being one of them (age 15).

But the push is on by trans activists to lower the age of consent for trans-identified teens to undergo general anesthesia and major surgeries (both “top” and “bottom”), and to force both private insurance policies and taxpayer-funded state health plans to cover the procedures as a medical necessity.

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