A piece of transactivist mythology

Originally posted at Bureaucromancy

Got 3 other posts on the line-up, need moar editing. This is just something which has been winding me up for a while, and it’s because transactivists chuck it in my face every time, even though it happened liek 3 years ago and that is 7 centuries ago in internet land.

The story of CeCe McDonald (written from a heavily pro-CeCe perspective). Read this bit first, if you can be arsed, then the rest of what I’ll write will make sense (or at least more sense than usual).

I used to work in the courts, innit. I don’t think that getting arrested and charged for stabbing someone in the chest and killing them is FUCKING UNREASONABLE AND TRANSPHOBIC. I would have liked to see her serve more than 19 months, because nothing excuses that.

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