Trans* Women in My PTSD Group and Performing Femininity

Originally posted at Loving Lily

Recently I was trying to get help for my PTSD. After a long wait, I was finally admitted to a publicly funded PTSD therapy group in Toronto, the WRAP group at Women’s College Hospital. I was elated to have gotten in and hopeful. It seemed very intensive, well funded and like there was a lot of helpful information I could learn. The intake coordinator also told me that it was also based on the work of a feminist researcher who I admired. They were not following her trauma model exactly, they had simply switched around several of the steps. Nevertheless the intake coordinator assured me that they held her in high esteem and her book on PTSD and Complex PTSD was a masterpiece. The group marketed itself as a feminist therapy group that was focused on empowering women. I’m sure that over 90% of women there had been victims of child sexual abuse (if not 100%). I took all this at face value and was excited to begin. I entered the WRAP program and began attending their group. In the spirit of inclusiveness and “trans* women are women just like every other woman” and “trans* women are males who transition to socialize as women” my group included trans* women.

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