A feminist roars: “What is a woman?”

Originally published at A Feminist Roars

Whilst much effort is put into dissecting this question the answer is really so simple it’s not up for debate. Woman is the word we have in the English language to describe a human adult female. Not human? Can’t be a woman. Not an adult? Can’t be a woman. Not a female? Can’t be a woman. You’re human and an adult and female? Congratulations you’re a woman! Any wider discussion of this question is an existentialist exploration along the lines of ‘what does it mean to be a woman?’. That is quite a different question though it still inherently relies on the definition of woman as an adult human female as a starting point.

If ‘woman’ is redefined to mean something else, as the pro-gender lobby is pushing for, then what word do we have to describe human adult females? I can’t think of one. Can you? Do we need one? Or do we need to spell out human adult female every time we want to refer to ourselves?

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