Neo-liberalism, Masculinity and Femininity

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans discusses Caitlyn Jenner and the Politics of Transgender

The politics of transgender is highlighted again today, June 9, with the publication of Vanity Fair and its interview with Caitlyn Jenner about her male to female  transition. Jenner is a 65 years old , a one-time American athlete who won the gold for the decathlon at the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976, and the step-mother to Kim Kardashian.

She now wants to be known as Caitlyn, having recently undergone some gender transitioning, which, she tells us, includes a recent 10 hour facial feminization operation, breast augmentation although not genital surgery. Next to the headline ‘Call me Caitlyn’, her photo-shopped front cover image bears all the hall-marks of the sexualized performance of femininity: a state of semi-undress in a satin corset; long, tumbling hair; exposed ‘look-at-me’ breasts in a push-up bra; and a cinched waist to give an hour-glass figure.

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