What a Wonderful Time

Originally posted at Who Is Cis

What a wonderful time it must be for the rich and privileged male folk of the world, to help seal women’s equality, not by standing down and putting women in their powerful positions, but simply by calling themselves “woman” while they occupy these positions. The highest paid “female” CEO in the united states, Martine Rothblatt, who is counted statistically as a woman, isn’t a female at all, but rather a trans woman who transitioned late in life, on top of all that good fortune and decades of male privilege it took to get there. What better way to balance the scales without conceding any actual power or status? We can all just merrily pretend like social justice is happening, especially when it happens for men.

Earlier this week former Olympic Icon turned c-list celebrity dad, Bruce Jenner, unveiled themselves after months of speculation about both Jenner’s gender identity (which an interview with Diane Sawyer a few weeks ago cleared up, Bruce indeed was identifying as a woman, but wanted to retain the name “Bruce” and he/his pronouns…and Bruce was also very adamant that you know he isn’t a homosexual, he is heterosexual, in that he still wants to only date female people.) and after that confirmation where he was going from there. Fast forward about 2 weeks later and we have the cover of Vanity Fair re-introducing Jenner to the world as Caitlyn. Caitlyn Jenner, the poor soul trapped in a life full of the most absolute of privileges. The oppression Jenner must of felt when the Olympic Medal was placed over his neck, one can only imagine. All of that money, all of those sponsor ships, those wives, those children, those opportunities, it was all just too much, and so, in his 65th year, after the achievements had been obtained it was time to step out. Bruce never existed, he was always she, she was always Caitlyn Jenner. And the world cheers.

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