No, Women’s Colleges Should Not Reinvent Themselves As Havens For Trans Women

Originally posted at TransyWansy

Recently an article was published in The Guardian’s “comment is free” section titled “Women’s College’s Should Reinvent Themselves As Havens For Trans Women”, in this post I will respond to the claims and arguments that exist within the original post and discuss why it angered me to the point of writing this post.

The very first paragraph ends with the statement “But that’s not enough. Women’s colleges should prioritize our applications – and seek to become havens for trans women, both for our benefit and theirs.” In response to this I would ask, how does it benefit Women? How does letting males, the people women’s colleges are built to enable women to function and live away from the ever oppressing eye of, benefit women? When we look at statistics and evidence we can see that the rates of violence and sexual violence / harassment committed by transwomen is not at a lesser level than that of men, whilst I am not suggesting you are a violent person I would state sweeping acceptance of males (transwomen are male and that’s OKAY) who say they’re women on the inside opens up the women who attend these colleges to an unnecessary risk. I would go as far as to say to do such we would be, and as you mention are, putting the lives and safety of women under that of the desires of males, and that is just a reflection of the privilege bestowed on us as males.

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