A trans activist demonstrates how TERF is a slur, not a description

Originally posted at Purple Sage

The word TERF supposedly means Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist, but the way trans activists use this word has migrated far away from actually meaning a radical feminist who is excluding trans people. Absolutely anyone can be called a TERF, the only criteria they have to meet is they piss off a trans activist by not buying into the transgenderism dogma.

A gender-critical transssexual woman named Aoife Hart regularly gets called a TERF because she supports radical feminists and understands that trans women are biologically male. The people calling her a TERF don’t seem to understand that it’s nonsensical to tell a trans woman she is excluding herself. What or where she is excluding herself from is not clear.

In this silly exchange on Twitter, Aoife asks a trans activist to explain what they mean by “TERF” since she is neither radical nor a feminist and she is, in fact, transsexual.

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