Carly Believes: Gender

Originally posted at CarlyBBlogs

Gender, shall we talk about it? The way in which society places a large dollop of faeces on the face of every person who is born with a vagina, there, I said it. We all grow up with it, it surrounds us, astounds us and becomes an intrinsic part of who we are. It Is ground into us that women and girls behave one way and men and boys behave another, that one holds these specific attributes and the other hold these specific attributes (e.g women and girls being dainty, fragile, emotional, submissive and caring). Gender is intrinsic to society, to business and advertising and to all aspects of how we perform and interact with and around people. For these reasons (and various others) I stand against the continued existence of gender, I believe people should be freed from these constraints to live how they like, without Men being called “Sissy’s” for acting “like Women” and without Women being labelled “butch” or “lesbian” simply for acting “like a Man”. Gender is a box, well arguably two boxes, and I believe wholeheartedly we should stop forcing people into one of these boxes, and that we do it based on their sex is remarkably stupid, it prevents people from achieving their full potential as humans and stifles personality along with enabling the oppression of women by men through limiting.

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