Same as it ever was . . .

Originally posted at Hypotaxis

[W]e’ve reached a place where media “leaders” for the LGBT community openly mock dykes on social media, and laugh at the notion of rape culture. We’ve come to a place where lesbian sexuality is co-opted by straight women and straight men, and where actual lesbians are called hateful bigots when they won’t play the queer game. Young women are groomed to despise second wave feminists (never mind the many basic rights ALL women enjoy because of fights our elder sisters tirelessly fought), feminists like Germaine Greer (who I think is marvelous, and kudos to her for not drinking the Kool-Aid or apologizing for being a feminist – an actual, women-first, feminist), and previously non-controversial figures like Eve Ensler are made out to be hateful devil women because they don’t make males the CENTER OF EVERYTHING.

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