The Prime Directive

As I’ve started to use the term FETA (Female-Excluding Trans Activists) to replace trans genderism (which is perhaps too confusing), I think I should probably explain fully why this term should be used.

The term is intended to mirror the slur term TERF (Trans-Excluding Radical Feminists). Both terms are structured the same and intend to single out certain specific people: radical feminists who “exclude transgender people,” and trans activists who “exclude women.”

What is not clear, in the case of TERF, is where the exclusion is taking place. Where are transgender people being excluded? Not from the public square, since more and more legislation is being passed to accommodate transgender people. Not from the LGBT community, where they are rising to prominent positions. Not from women’s spaces, since transgender people who were socialized women are still allowed to attend.

The term TERF is not just a slur, it’s a piece…

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