Breaking the testosterone/dysphoria cycle

Originally posted at Third Way Trans

In Anne Vitale’s T-Note #15 entitled ”Testosterone Toxicity Implicated in Male-To-Female Transsexuals: Some Thoughts”, she speculates on the role of testosterone in causing gender dysphoria in natal males. She talks about how some MTF people try to detransition, and then attempt to take testosterone and their gender dysphoria returns. She presents two case studies where two post-op MTF people have detransitioned, but could not take testosterone without overwhelming feelings to retransition returning. One eventually retransitioned and the other did not go on testosterone.

Note that I generally agree with Anne Vitale only in her descriptions of phenomena, not in her descriptions of the reasons why they happen.

Also note that these people were both okay with presenting as male as long there was no testosterone present. Suggesting that there is not some essential identity involved.

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