Peak trans x 1,000,000

Originally posted at Snowflake Especial

[I]n the full version [of the video], you get to see Justin Kilian (the guy trans woman wearing lipstick and yelling in the video) go full cray at 1:30, when he she says that after not being allowed into a private meeting between a Smith student and Smith administrators, “They misgender me. They call me a man. I will not stand for that! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT!”

If this doesn’t serve as peak trans for everyone left in America, I don’t know what will. Frankly, this guy trans woman has zero in common with a woman, no matter how you want to define woman. He’s obviously not female, as you can tell by his body shape, voice, adams apple, etc. But he also doesn’t look, act, or sound remotely “like a woman”, in any possible interpretation of what that means. In fact, he doesn’t look, act or sound anything like what “trans woman” conjurs up in most people’s minds, either! Let’s be real: he looks, acts and sounds very much like an angry men’s rights activist.

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