Confusing sex and gender?

Originally posted at Hemlock Solanum

ust wanted to go over three quick terms and what they mean, because I keep seeing people get them confused and making some really odd comparisons.

1. Sex

This is biological, it’s to do with which reproductive organs people are born with. So uterus/ovaries/vagina=female, and testicles/penis=male. Pretty simple biology that one.

Obviously there are rare people born with different combinations of the above, these people are intersex. They are usually brought up as male or female depending on which external organs they possess. Or which ones are more clearly defined. This brings us on to the next term.

2. Gender Socialisation

While this isn’t a physical thing like sex it is just as real, and virtually impossible to avoid. Everyone is subject to this one, even intersex individuals if they have been labelled as one sex or the other.

It’s both overt and subtle ideas of what men and women should be like, it dictates anything from personality traits, to mannerisms, to interests and preferences.

These things are taught from such a young age* that it is completely normal to internalise them.

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