Accept Yourself

Originally posted at Burning from the Inside

That transwomen are biologically male is morally neutral, it’s not a value statement, it’s not saying it’s a good thing or a bad thing: it just is.

I have written before about the state of debate in the trans community which involves no-platforming and censorship of dissenting trans voices, voices that support such ideas that run contrary to wider trans ideas such as:

we are sexually dimorphic animals;

transwomen are biologically male;

sex-based socialisation *is* a thing; and

the lived lives of women and transwomen are different.

The wider cult of trans dismiss these four ideas, and will not even come to the table to debate it. This is a problem outside the trans community, as these matters affect women directly (and they are, after all, oppressed under patriarchy) and also within the trans community: how can someone who, for example, transitions as a middle-aged man after having fathered two children suddenly ‘have always been a woman’?

The answer to this, of course, is they haven’t

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