THIS is Transgender

Excellent collection of the proof of transgender fetishism. Trans* activists and their knee-jerk allies have very effectively hidden this reality by riding the coattails of the Lesbian/Gay political movement. Everything we can do to expose the truth — and make more people aware — is crucial work.

OUT of My Panties, Now!!!

Transgender Law and Policy Institute estimates the Transgender population at 2 – 5% of the US population. National Center for Transgender Equality reports that only 0.25 – 1.0 % of the US population are Transsexual, persons suffering from a complete psychosexual inversion who desire to transition to the opposite sex.

The remaining 80 – 88% percent of the Transgender population are here: The Transvestites, Crossdressers and Autogynephiliacs. THIS is Transgender:

TW Violated

use women’s locker rooms prior sex offender conviction

chase teenaged girls and expose themselves

sneak into women’s locker rooms

make indecent remarks to women in public

visit strip clubs and solicit prostitutes

masturbate in public

expose themselves to teenaged girls

place obscene phone calls

Sunbathe at public beach in frilly knickers

expose themselves to runners at the park

feel excited

go jogging in women’s underwear…

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