Meanwhile, in a parallel universe….

Originally posted at Fire in My Belly

A well-known high street store – a women’s clothes shop – is attracting fierce criticism for not allowing a man dressed up as a woman to enter the changing rooms (yes, that’ll be because there are no changing facilities for men, what with this being a…um….women’s clothes shop).

Said shop is being accused of discriminating against transgendered people because the poor shop assistant had the audacity to prevent a man dressed up as a woman from entering the changing rooms.

This man feels like he’s a woman, he says on YouTube (my answer, as a female, is that you may think you know what it feels like to be a woman, but how do you know for sure?)

To be frank, I am unhappy and uncomfortable with the idea of sharing a changing room with men. This would be especially true if I had my young daughter with me. It would make me feel vulnerable, as well as bloody angry.

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