Transitioning is a Socially-Conservative Decision

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I think it’s far more progressive to remain in my original female body and still defy gender stereotypes or be non-conforming, however that manifests, than to transition to be a “man” (note that I don’t actually believe one can change their sex anyway, just their external presentation).  For example, I’ve worked in several industries which are typically considered “masculine”, and I believe this has helped break barriers for females by representing for our sex in those places.  I’ve also engaged in hobbies that are considered “masculine” and have encouraged other females to do so as well.  I’m not unique – I think this is very typical for lesbians.  We are the ultimate “fuck you” to the patriarchy because our lives do not (generally) revolve around males, and if patriarchy did not exist, we could survive without them.  Patriarchy is so fearful of lesbians, that they constantly seek to control the representation of lesbians in the media.

Transitioning, on the other hand, by males or females, is a socially conservative movement (see Iran, where homosexuals are forced to transition in order to avoid death).  What gender stereotypes are transgender people breaking, by seeking to mold and conform their body types to the opposite sex or by “performing” the gender of the opposite sex – while claiming to BE that sex?  They are simply mimicking what they’ve seen and experienced from the media and from real life performances of the gender the seek to transition to.  But even those trans women who claim to be “butch” or trans men who claim to be “faggy” or “femmy”, are simply caricatures of themselves, as they romanticize & fetishize the gender non-conformity of the opposite sex.


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